Organic garlic, herbs and vegetables from Orange, NSW

Organic garlic is our true love and main focus.

Morganics Farm is perched on the north-facing slopes of Mt Canobolas, looking over Towac Valley, 13 kms from Orange, NSW.  The property is home to two-acres of award winning organic garlic plus a range of organic vegetables and herbs. While we're slowly growing the range of produce we supply, garlic is our one true love and the main focus of the farm.


Our farm - organic, herbicide free and spring-fed

The property sits on Mt Canobolas’s rich volcanic soil, at 1100-metres above sea level. We enjoy plenty of winter rain and snow followed by typically hot, dry summers. All of which the garlic thrives on. We believe it is a combination of the above that gives our garlic such a  robust flavour.

Being an organic farm, we use no artificial fertilizers, chemicals or herbicides, instead relying on a thick layer of mulch to keep weeds down. When necessary, we water from our own mountain spring.

The rhythm every year on our farm is naturally guided by the garlic crop. We plant in March, weed, feed and water until harvest time in November. We continue to explore the endless possibilities of garlic. This year we sold green garlic in September, garlic scapes (the flower head and stem) in November, and then the real thing is harvested in late November. We leave the flower heads (bulbils) to develop on some varieties and these tiny garlic bombs add instant oomph to frittatas, stir fries and salads.


Our garlic - packed with flavour and better for you

We are proud of the quality of our garlic and once you try it, hope you too will appreciate the excellent flavour. Australian organic garlic isn't just great tasting, it's better for you. 

Once harvested, our garlic is laid on racks in our cool, dark shed to cure for two to three weeks. We now grow three different varieties with the aim of extending the garlic season - making it available for most of the year.