Organic garlic, herbs and vegetables from Orange, NSW

About our garlic


Our aim is to grow the most nutritious garlic possible thereby making it an important  part of a healthy diet.

Part of this process is to grow as naturally as possible. We use NO pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. Perched on the slopes of Mt Canobolas our  basalt soil and spring water provide a solid growing base. This is enhanced by using as wide a variety of natural additions as possible: a range of manures, seaweed extract and worm juice from our worm farm, compost, lucerne and organic sugar cane mulches. After harvest we plant a range of green manure crops which are ploughed in before replanting.

We grow several cultivars all of which flourish in our cold climate.

Hard stem purple garlic

This turban variety formed the basis of our crop 22 years ago. Much loved for its streaked purple colouring and robust flavor, we harvest this at the end of November. Generally best eaten before the end of May.


This garlic has an attractive pearly sheen. Its soft neck makes it ideal for braiding. Harvested in December, it will keep several months longer than the purple.


The newest addition to our line up. This much awarded garlic variety is harvested in the New Year and keeps beautifully.

Our organic garlic products


Garlic bulbs, braids, garlic bunches, garlic scapes, garlic pesto, garlic bombs, garlic and chilli jam.


Did you know you can freeze garlic?

Have the benefits of Australian garlic right through winter! Simply place single cloves, peeled or unpeeled, into zip lock bags and then pop in the freezer. Pull out cloves as required and use them immediately. 

Great for soups, stir-fries and stews.